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Series 2 Tentative Date
July 31, 2021 12:00:00 EDT
Pack opening 10 minutes after launch

Good News! The Series 1 Worker and Executive Packs are now SOLD OUT! So production of series 2 characters is on the way! There will be more characters but will have the same rarities as Series 1 to keep it consistent.

Series 2 will be entitled The Perils of the Corporate World!

Series 1 - Journey to The Corporate World Summary

Welcome to the Corporate World (Hell on Earth)! Dan Tenferno felt something amiss when he joined Herr E-tech Labs Limited as their new employee. He has been experiencing “daily work-life imbalance”. From what he gathers, the CEO’s unique aura has corrupted the long-time employees and morphed them into worst versions of themselves. Even the office equipments have a mind of their own!

Will Dan survive this godforsaken place? Will he be corrupted, or will he escape?

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Preview Cards and Rarities

Base - Common
Chaos - Uncommon
Graffiti - Rare
Foil - Epic
Gold - Legendary
Burning - Mythic
Premium Character Card

Premium Character Card

Staring on June 5

High-quality and top-class cards for Corporate World collectors. Initial sale will be whitelisted for accounts that opened a pack (1 day before the drop).
Coven of the HR

Coven of the HR

Coming Soon

Here comes the Coven of the HR. What secrets will be revealed? New character cards and special blends.
Series 1 Character Stickers

Series 1 Character Stickers

Sticker NFTs

Collect NFT stickers featuring the characters of Corporate World Series 1! Collect them all!
Promo Cards & Giveaways

Promo Cards & Giveaways

Freeeeeee NFTs

Join our Telegram group and be one of the first to know whenever we have a giveaway or a free promo card drop.
Sacrifice Your Cards

Sacrifice Your Cards

Blend cards together to get higher rarity

If you have extra 3 (same character, same rarity) cards , you can blend them to the upgraded version. But, to get 1 Infernal Object, you must sacrifice all 6 Mythic character cards.
Infernal Objects

Infernal Objects

Those pesky critters

Besides the 6 characters, there are also 6 Infernal Objects in the set. These are objects found in the office that came alive and develop personalities of their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Artist

Joni Artist

Jonezy is a self-taught artist from the Philippines. He too longs for the day he can escape the clutches of the Corporate World!

Lifelong Craftsman:

He loves to experiment and building things - apps, games, art, and more! As an artist, he works in a variety of styles and continues to learn and push his skills to the edge.

Collector By Heart:

Given the chance he will collect toys, cards, LEGO, books, and artworks to fill up his apartment.

He dreams of creating collectibles that he would like to collect himself.

Inspired By:

Cartoon/anime, retro comics, toys, pop surrealism, lowbrow art, and more!

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